Danielle O'Connell

Irish - Ordinary Level - Leaving Certificate


Topic 1: Paper Layout/An Chluaistuiscint/An Léamhthuiscint

Topic 2: Essay & Litir

Topic 3: Géibheann

Topic 4: Cáca Milis

Topic 5: Colscaradh

Topic 6: Dís

Topic 7: Oisín i dTír na nÓg

Topic 8: An tEarrach Thiar

Topic 9: Hurlamaboc

Topic 10: Gramadach

Topic 11: Mo Ghrá-sa

Topic 12: Overview (Tips & Tricks)


About Danielle O'Connell

Danielle is an Irish teacher based in Sligo. She has 5 years experience in teaching and also has State Exam Experience.
Danielle is very passionate about getting the best out of her students, and strives to help all of her students reach their full potential - both in her classroom and through jumpAgrade 😀